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How to optimize conversions for your Shopify online store

Getting tons of traffic to your site is always a good thing and something we all want for our online stores and blogs. So, what is conversion optimization? The concept of removing barriers to conversion – that is what prevents your site from turning visitors into buyers is at the heart of conversion optimization. 1. Simplistic navigation Navigation is an essential aspect of conversions agency shopify . Even if you do not realize it, the direct traffic you receive on your home page is not the only traffic you should expect. On the contrary, the simpler the navigation on your site, the more likely it is that visitors will return to your landing page and action calls.

To achieve this:

  • Create a separate navigation menu that contains easy-to-understand navigation terms.

  • Add popular links to your sidebar or your on-line CTAs that direct traffic to your important pages.

2. Page loading speed The speed of loading pages on your store plays an important role in your conversion rates. We all expect things to load in the blink of an eye, and if not, the first thing we do is press the back button. In other words, the faster your site is, the more your conversion rate will go higher. 3. Include testimonials and reviews An effective way to build trust and promote sales is through testimonials and reviews. These should be displayed directly after the product description of a particular item. 5. Build Funnels Build funnels and analyze all points – from user entry points to exit points. Try to identify the “missing links,” and barriers to conversion. Find out where users are leaving, and create testing systems that evaluate site improvements. Tools like Google Analytics, Omniture and Kiss metrics are great for building conversion funnels. 6. Use Analytics Find out what actually happens when people get to your site, analyze their actions, what keywords they found you on, what page they went to. Tools like Google Analytics will tell you all this, but why not dig deeper? What browsers do your visitors use? What is the most popular screen resolution? For additional information

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